Looking for log4net.dll - download will not unzip

I have been to http://logging.apache.org/log4net/download.html and downloaded both files: incubating-log4net-1.2.10.zip
incubating-log4net-1.2.9-beta.zip. Neither one will unzip. I have tried downloading twice and have used WinZip 12 and whatever comes with XP.

Can anyone send me a copy of log4net.dll? bgrossnickle at@ bellsouth dot. net


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Both zip-files unzipped perfectly both with Windows XP's unzip and WinZip 12.0. Are you sure you downloaded zip-files from the Mirrors column?

commented: Your post really helped. Thanks. +1

Thank you for trying. You got me thinking ..... I used Google Chrome on the download. Not sure if that was the problem, but used IE after I read your post and they unzipped without error.

Thanks again.

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