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C++ has a wide variety of Container Classes. Each Container Class has its suitability for diffirent operations.

For Example :
a vector found in #include <vector> Is a container. Apart from that there are many of these containers such as Stack or Queue etc.

>>"Please let me know how can i use the container classes and STL in c++."
So if you would like to learn how to use container classes. I think that you should get yourself a good book on C++, and until now I have not come across a c++ book which doesnt explain the basics of standard containers.

So I guess you could start up reading a good book On C++.
There is a huge list of good c++ books which can be found CLICKY-HERE

>>shall i need any S/w or C++ IDE is enough?

Well IDE gives you a certain environment to write code, However I think that you will atleast need a good c++ compiler installed onto your system .
If you are looking for a compiler here is a link to it. Another Clicky (List of Compilers)

If you already have the above and need a slight explaination on container classes and the list of thier functions
Is a very good resource.

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