Alright so I'm trying to insert a few superscripts into a program. I'm working to try and recreate a math problem. I tried googling how to insert superscripts, then tried how to insert Unicode into a console application, but I didn't get much luck. Anyone have any ideas.

By the way I really want to start programming windows applications. Would you guys advise me to a good book or should I grab a few more beginner c++ books. *The only book I've read on programming is c++ for dummies. I really would appreciate your input. Thanks

Posting some code which shows an attempt would be useful.

As well as mentioning which OS/Compiler you're actually using.

IMHO c++ for dummies is exactly that -- for dummies. There's an entire thread at the top of this forum about c++ books, you should read it.

For MS-Windows program all you need is a fundamental knowledge of C or C++ language. The win32 api does not require c++. Here is a good introduction.

UNICODE will not help you with superscripts or subscripts. To do that you have to use a different font, and required MS-Windows gui program. It can't be done with a console program.

I'm sorry about that. I'm using dev-c++. I read the list of reccommended books. And i think i'm gunna start out with accelerated C++. I apologize next time I'll post the codes that I attempted. I found out the codes that I had tried weren't for console applications. Thanks for your help

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