I just started laerning c# and I made this program that took the dimension of a box(house), and then use a function to get the volume of the box_house. One problem that I encountered was that I dont know how to make a string into an int. Here is a link to the code http://www.nomorepasting.com/paste.php?pasteID=33513.
If anyone can help that would be great.


ReadLine returns a string, and you can use the Parse method of int to convert a string representing a valid integer into an int value:

using System;

class main {
  public static void Main()
    Console.Write("Enter an integer: ");
    string s = Console.ReadLine();

    try {
      int n = int.Parse(s);
      n *= 2;
      Console.WriteLine("Times two: " + n);
    catch (Exception) {
      Console.WriteLine("Invalid integer");

    Console.ReadKey(); // Pause

OK, I am still getting a problem with the function, here is the updated code:


* Date: 3/5/2005

* house.cs


[b]using [/b]System;

[b]namespace [/b]BackGround_Process


class BackGround_Process


[b]int house[/b]([b]int [/b]length, [b]int [/b]width, [b]int [/b]height)


[b]int [/b]Dimension = 0;

Dimension = length * width * height;

return Dimension;


[b]public [/b]static void [b]Main[/b]()


[b]int [/b]length, width, height;

length = 0;

width = 0;

height = 0;

Console.[b]WriteLine[/b]("What are the dimensions of your house: ");

Console.[b]WriteLine[/b]("What is the length of your house? ");

string l = Console.[b]ReadLine[/b]();

length = [b]int[/b].[b]Parse[/b](l);

Console.[b]WriteLine[/b]("The lenght of your house is {0}. ", length);

Console.[b]WriteLine[/b]("What is the width of your house? ");

string w = Console.[b]ReadLine[/b]();

width = [b]int[/b].[b]Parse[/b](w);

Console.[b]WriteLine[/b]("The width of your house is {0}. ", width);

Console.[b]WriteLine[/b]("What is the height of your house? ");

string h = Console.[b]ReadLine[/b]();

height = [b]int[/b].[b]Parse[/b](h);

Console.[b]WriteLine[/b]("The height of your house is {0}. ", height);

Console.[b]Write[/b]("The volume of your house is: ");

[b]int house[/b](length, width, height);




First, house needs to be static unless you plan on calling it on an object. Second, any call to a function does not include the return type or the function call will be seen as a function declaration. Try this:

using System;

namespace BackGround_Process {
  class BackGround_Process {
    static int house(int length, int width, int height)
      return length * width * height;

    public static void Main()
      Console.Write("What is the length of your house? ");

      int length = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine());

      Console.WriteLine("The lenght of your house is {0}. ", length);
      Console.Write("What is the width of your house? ");

      int width = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine());

      Console.WriteLine("The width of your house is {0}. ", width);
      Console.Write("What is the height of your house? ");

      int height = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine());

      Console.WriteLine("The height of your house is {0}. ", height);
      Console.Write("The volume of your house is: ");
      Console.WriteLine(house(length, width, height));

ok that did it. Thanks for the help Narue.