I am looking to create a C# application that when ran remains inactive (and hidden) untill I hang the mouse over something.. such as the 'My Computer' icon on my desktop (it will then display a message). Is this possible? If so, can anyone point me in the right direction on how to go about this?

Also, is it possible to create an application that places a string (which i would like to be the computers DNS name but I can do this myself) in the start bar? (down near to the clock preferably).

Any help with this would be much appreciated!!


What does your application do?

>in the start bar? (down near to the clock preferably).
Think about NotifyIcon control.

Thanks for the swift replies :)

I am a systems administrator, and would bassically like my application to show users their DNS name when they 'hold' the mouse over a certain area (possibly My Computer, or I could have a pop up somewhere)... as opposed to constantly explaining how to get their DNS name!

i have considered using the NotifyIcon control, however had some trouble getting it to work! I am using Visual Studio 2003 and .Net 3.5. Do you know of any example applications which will work with .Net 2003?

Thanks again,

what a contrast to use .net 3.5 with VS 2003 ? :)

if you are looking for a simple solution to just showing a string if you find a place on the desk top that you want it. change your form's borderstyle to none, and its topmost property to true, its startup postion to manual, then just pick your spot for its location. like maybe center screen at the top. it will stay there, always visible, unmovable, and can display any information that you want.

another much more aesthetically pleasing solution would be to create an application that runs on the task bar. or in the background. whatever. and register a hotkey that your system doesn't use much. say F10 or something. then create a simple little notification window. that when the user hits your hot key, a little window pops up for 30 second or so, or until you want it dismissed, via a button, or whatever. and it can share any information you need.

best of luck.