I recently started learning Python, and I'm trying to install the package GASP (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/gasp/0.4.5) in order to be able to code some graphics.
However, the file is of type EGG. I found that I need to install EasyInstall in order to be able to install EGG files. (The download page for EasyInstall is here: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/setuptools)
But the file to download EasyInstall is an EGG file! So if I need EasyInstall to install EGG files, how do I install EasyInstall itself?
Maybe I'm missing something really simple here...
(By the way, I'm using Windows...)

Thanks a lot!

For Windows download the installer:
After installation you find easy_install.py in directory:


Thank you for replying so quickly. Unfortunately, your solution doesn't work because I have Python 2.6, not 2.5 (which apparently I forgot to mention, whoops). When I try installing the 2.5 version, it complains that Python 2.5 was not found and does not install.
Any thoughts?


Python 2.5.4 is the version I have installed. Python 2.6 has all sorts of problems at least on Windows, since it is compiled with a different MS C compiler. A good number of modules are simply not available for Python 2.6. Python 2.6 is supposed to help you to transition better to the new Python3. I think that is questionable.

So if I need EasyInstall to install EGG files, how do I install EasyInstall itself?

I believe that the thought is 2.6 would be an upgrade only for the time being (since it's unlikely anybody would start using python26 before any other version). So you would use easyinstall from an earlier build of python to install the 2.6 egg.