Hi every one, I m doing some work in fractal image compression, plz tell me how to convert a c code to matlab code

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Do it by having intimate knowledge of both languages. Normally instead of converting C program line-by-line you would convert function concepts. If you have a C function named foo(int a, int b) that returns the product of two numbers then just write the same function in matlib.

Don't ask me how to do it because I have no idea. If you don't either then you need to spend some time learning matlib and learn how to do it yourself.

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My project in communication for that i have to
convert my C file to matlab (.m) file If you know how to convert it plz send it to me....


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c code to matlab code

or matlab to C Code ? I don't think that there are automatic converters
exists. But as you already know for matlab to C there are automated converters inside matlab package.

convert my C file to matlab (.m) file If you know how to convert it plz send it to me....

what is actually in C that you want to convert ? what about making a dll
file from C and call it's methods in matlab code ? :)

and I think you know how to create a dll from C source file.

give some samples on lines or file in .C file that you want to convert.

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