Hello. For the past 6 months I've been creating a c++ game, but all I have ever learned in c++ is how to write c++ consel. (The DOS screen)

Its so ugly and I would really love to turn my game into a c++ API with some basic graphics instead of just ugly white text. The only problem is I'm not sure were to start, or what to ask for. Can someone point me in the right direction to a nice tutorial were I can begin learning to create some basic graphics in c++ and how to use c++ API?

Thanks so much in advance.

Well have patience,a fruit tree needs years of care before it gives us tasty fruits.Same is with programming.
Well if you are just trying out to create some windowed interface for your game then IDE's like Dev-Cpp,CODE-Blocks etc directly make it for you on their own without much effort.But if you want to learn something then read about WIN-API.
And ya if you are just concerned about graphics for your game and not a windowed interface then you can start off with C-Graphics for learning, where you can do a lot of stuff then switch over to something like Open-GL or something which is completely graphics oriented.

Thanks for the advice. I'll look all that up.

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For all 2D games (e.g. platform) is Allegro the most likable I think :)