I have installed a VS 2005 that has a MSSQL Server. When i was about to try running the SQL Server i can't find anything except Configuration tools. I don't know if its express edition or not. Is SQL Server 2005 like this? how would i know that the SQL program is running? Anyone who could help?

I just found some infomation that says SQL Server Express in the SQL Server Configuration Manager. These are the 3 menus found under Configuration Tools:

SQL Server Configuration Manager
SQL Sever Error and usage reporting
SQL Sever Surface Area Configuration

Where would i set it up to make running?

You don't have the
SQL Server Management Studio Express (also known as the SSMSE)?

If not you want to go back to the download site and download it. I can't remember what tool pack it is.

If you download the SQL Server 2005 Express Advanced package the tool will be part of the normal install.

I think i don't. The SQL Server was a part of the VS2005 installer. Thats why im wondering why it wasn't installed correctly since the tools are here..Does SQL Server have its own administrator program like the phpmyadmin for mysql or SQLyog?

Yep it is called the SQL Server Management Studio. There is an express version. You can find it here:

You want the "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Toolkit". Since you already have the database server it makes no sense to download the whole thing. The Toolkit has everything you'll need including the SQL Server Mangement Studio Express, so that you can manage your databases.

So i had from my installer was the actual SQL Server but without its administor Program? I've downloaded it and i think its working now. Now I don't know how to create a database. There is no right click menu for it here.. Just query and object browsers.

i got it.. i just did the right click to the database folder and there was a new database. How can i setup users for the sql server? can this be used if i had a public IP? does it have conflicts if im just using an XP OS?

How can i login using SQL Authentication? is there like a function where can add users of the SQL server like MySQL?

Users are handled under Security. Opening that up allows you to control the users and roles and who has access to what.

I normally just use Windows Authentication so I don't know much about SQL Authentication.

So i would just have the default settings if im connecting using vb?

That's what I'm doing and haven't had a problem.