Hello everybody!
I would like to get some sample programs for
DirectDraw - For drawing shapes, objects, painting on the screen for games, etc
Direct3D - For 3D rendering
DirectShow - For video and multimedia.
I have little knowledge about programming and wince.net.
But I have been assigned a duty to present some sample programs and explain the function of that programs.
So the first step I have to do now is to find sample programs.
I have tested some sample programs provided in Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK R2. But it does not work. It shows deployment errors.
I don't know the problem.
Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

Install an older DirectX SDK. Rev. 7 or 8 should do nicely. Direct Draw was still supported then.

Plenty of samples get shipped with them. Also watch your version of Visual Studio. There are incompatibilities between SDK's and releases of Visual Studio. Microsoft apparently wants everyone to use the latest and greatest with each new release.

Direct3D is when you should start having hardware issues. Most video cards work fine with Direct Draw. Also keep in mind which version operating system you're using!

I am using window xp.
and visual studio 2008.
This is the messages written in readme file.

Code Sample Name: tut02_vertices

Feature Area: Direct 3D Mobile

In this tutorial, we are rendering some vertices. This introduces the
concept of the vertex buffer, a Direct3D Mobile object used to store
vertices. Vertices can be defined any way we want by defining a
custom structure and a custom FVF (flexible vertex format). In this
tutorial, we are using vertices that are transformed (meaning they
are already in 2D window coordinates) and lit (meaning we are not
using Direct3D Mobile lighting, but are supplying our own colors).

Build and run on device

Relevant APIs/Associated Help Topics: Direct 3D Mobile, CreateVertexBuffer

Assumptions: Direct 3D Mobile support

Visual Studio 2005,
Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK,
ActiveSync 4.0.

** For more information about this code sample, please see the Windows Mobile SDK help system. **

It says that it has required Visual Studio 2005. Can I run it on 2008?
and it says that it Usage:
Build and run on device

What is the meaning of device there?

I am sorry if my questions are stupid.

Thanks for replying me.

Visual Studio 2008 changed stuff.

You'll be fighting with it. Try to find something older like Visual Studio 6.X

Anything .NET related has changed and there's incompatibilities with older DirectX libraries.

Sorry just re-read your post.
Direct Show?

You'll definitely have to go back in time. Older SDK, older IDE.

Why should i change older sdk?
Why I can not execute the sample program provided by window mobile 5.0 SDK R2 on that SDK?

Compatibility issues. Tools change all the time. Previous functionality is quite often thrown away for new functionality. It never fails that rebuilding code with new tools requires reworking of the application to get it to build! Or even run properly again.

If I installed visual studio 2005, is there any side effect to my exiting visual studio 2008?
and instead of Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK,
which Sdk shoud i install?
Tell me exactly.
don't get me wrong.
I have no knowledge about that.
So I have to know that exactly.
And thank you for your help.

And when i execute the sample program,
the deployment error occur and the error message is that
" unable to start program '%CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES%\tuto2_vertices\tuto2_vertices.exe'.
The system cannot find the file specified.

Other visual Studios will be installed in their own folder. You can have several on your system simultaneously! But note that the last one installed will be launched automatically if you click on the file project. You'll need to manually launch the IDE then load the project solution.

Download DirectX 7 or 8. But check to see if Active Movie / Direct Show was still supported by version 8.

You'll need to go into tools setup and include the BIN, INC, and LIB of the DIrectX into that of that new installation so it knows where to find it. And move it higher up the list or it'll try to use the older DirectX header files included with the IDE and not the version you wanted to use!

Hi Everybody!
I have installed those materials and but it still does not work.
When I looked at the coding of that samples, I think they are not wirtten in c#.
Now I found a program and explaination from a site http://www.miszalok.de/C_3D_MDX/C1_Moving_Triangles/Tutorial1.pdf

But that program also does not work.
Can anybody tell me how to test that the program and if there is any error, how to correct the error?

Thank you very much!