Hi ppl I would really appreciate if someone help me out here. I really tried to do this problem and its driving me crazy. All I could get is the algorithum of worst fit, best-fit next fit and first fit. PLease I willing to give away g-mail invite if you can help :) .... I will help ppl with anything I can in the future.


The problem it to implement first fit, best fit next fit and worst fit
1. must input mem size and the number and sizes of all the partitions
all the partitions (limit the max num of the partitions to 5)
2. for each partition you should create a descriptor with at least the following info.
partition size;
partition num;
partition status (free/busy)
size of unused space("hole")
job name (ex: j01 or j15)

input the job list that includes
job name;
job size

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