I created a couple VERY small programs in VB. When I have built the program to become an executible, it works on my original computer, however when I try and use it on my office computer (without VB), it comes up with an error

"The application failed to initiate properly (0xc0000135), click ok to terminate application"

So, is it my computer (perhaps missing a .dll - I'm now getting all the upgrades) or is it the program (did I do something wrong when I built the executible)?

Hopefully, someone can help me. Cheers!

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Are you using VB.NET? This error comes when you don't have the .NET framework installed on the machine.

That's exactly the issue. Just visit http://www.microsoft.com/net for .NET Framework download links.

When you write a .NET app, you need the .NET Framework SDK (120mb Download) to compile the app. When you distribute your app, your app requires the .NET Framework Runtime (20mb download). People often confuse these - or worse, forget about these.

You can set options to install the .NET framework with your application if you use VisualStudio to build an install package too. Means that your app should install and work on a machine regardless of whether or not the .NET framework is present.

You have to make the setup file from vb deploy package and run this setup file on the other m/c's

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