Guys can any1 help me I'm quite a noob in Assembly language and I have an important school work to be done. And I dont even know how to start. This is what I need: An assembly program for 8086/8088 that opens a given .txt file and counts up the letters in the file (A..Z and not case sensitive).

After counting up all the letters the total amount for each letter should be displayed on screen, something like this:
A - 00035
B - 04542
C - xxxxx // the total ammount for each letter

If it were on C or Java I would do it... but I dont know Assembly X(.
Help me Please.... Oh yeah and the total ammount for each letter should not be greater than the size of a word (16 bits or 65535).

Everything you need to know should have been taught in class already.

You mention 16-bit count, thus it has the implication that it this is older 16-bit code.

1) Work the DOS interrupt 21h to open a file, read byte by byte, then close the file.

2) Add compares looking at the individual character bytes and sort and if a character add to a count.

3) return the count.

Make a best try effort, and post your results.

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