ah i am I.T 2nd yr student making my project in core java.Can any one tell how to make event in mind fiddler game (e.g kbc). can any one give me codification in making my project get started.plzzzz results needed...

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@simranjit kaur

  • Please do not PM request to other members, address your questions to appropriate forum section.
  • When asking for help proper request description is highly beneficial as you avoid being taunted for lousy request, you make it clear what you up-to and we have better insight of what you trying to achieve.
  • I would recommend to drop that word "codification" as it is freaking out some people as you already seen and replace it by code sample/example/tutorial.
  • Lastly keep in mind we will try to help you as much as we can, but we will not do whole your work and we will help you only when time allow us (urgent, asap, help - will get you no closer to solution)

hey hello!!

m also in 2nd yr I.T. i hav the same prob.. if u get help, help me too plz..

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ey hello!!

also in 2nd yr I.T. i hav the same prob.. if u get help, help me too plz..

  1. Reopening old thread is bad
  2. We have very nice rule on this server which says We only give homework help to those who show effort
  3. Thread closed. If you want any help please create new thread and do not forget to include full problem description and submit also relevant coding

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