Hi everyone, ive been searching around for the last couple days on google and have thus far come up empty handed. im basically looking for a resource of tutorials/homework exercises which also include seperate files with a worked solution. alot of what ive already found seems to be, open notepad, copy this or doesnt have any answers.

id appreciate any help with regards to the above

Sorry!! Where's your question?
Do you need a tutorial for C#?

yeah basically im looking for a set of simple to hard problems which arent just copy n paste but also have a solution to each problem available.

ie an exercise book.

From what i can see thats not what im looking for. (i cant see anything related to c#).

i looking for somethinkg like this;

q1) construct a program using this and that which does this

A1) see page/link for code

q2) using last program, add X n Y

A2) see page/link for code

etc etc

Just calm down!!
Just try when someone doesn't answer your question just like you imagine, FIRST thank him\her then ask more question or clarify what you need!!
Here you are http://www.functionx.com/

lol im sorry i didnt mean to b percieved as being ungrateful or agitated. Ive had a look on the new site ur have listed and its still not exactly what i was originally looking for but i dont actually know if what i was looking for exists, at least for free anyway.

Thanks for your help though

You're welcome.
LOOK don't ever expect to find business problems and the solution because this experience just in companies and software houses else you'll find tutorial to concepts, language features, etc etc
I gave you 2 distinct ways to learn (Video and FunctionX) you can back to learn from books and I personally don't recommend this way.

nah i see ur point but i was looking for a structured set of questions which by the end id have a decent grounding in c#. im not trying to become a guru or anything but just wanted a better understanding. i agree with the txtbook point, u can read all u want, but personally i learn better by having problems to solve but obviously not too difficult, just something to give me a little challenge.

thanks again

You want free solutions for your homework , how will you code when you join a company ? if that code is also available for free , why would a company hire you ?

You want free solutions for your homework , how will you code when you join a company ? if that code is also available for free , why would a company hire you ?

lmao n i thought i was a r#tard

thats like saying a kid who uses a maths text book with worked solutions in the back wont be hired by a company since the solutions are already in the public domain.

if u had actually read my first post correctly i was looking for a SOURCE OF HOMEWORK. Ive nvr done any programming before! i dont know what a class,member,object,method are. Im trying to learn C# on my own! Hence why i want a R#TARDS guide to programming.

make sense ITBOY?? (EDIT/ o yeah i nvr said i was lookin for a job as a programmer! this is just a hobby)

To the guy who posted the links before hand. they are alittle to complicated for my level of understanding atm. Thanks for your help though, ill b refering to them once ive gained a better grounding in C#.