I just got Linux Mint 7 and I installed IDLE. I want to know if there is "drag and drop"(like WYSIWYG interface) python GUI builder for Linux??

Thanks in advance

For wxPython you can use:
Boa Constructor

PyQT installs with a designer program that is pretty good I hear.

I installed Glade Interface Designer and IDLE 2.6. But, I dont know how to use Glade. Is there any good tutorial site for learning Glade?

I'll try Boa Constructor.


I have used Boa Constructor, but in my opinion, I think it involves a LOT of coding....which is why I am using FarPY GUI(without success!). I haven't yet tried Glade, but I'm thinking of trying wxSmith's(I think that's what it's called!) pretty soon...

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