Respected users,

i am working on a small project in VB6 following are some requirements, i am attaching the screen shot also ...

1. it gets the sql files in a list once click it opens in rich text box.

2. when the query is run it should populate the access table,
now i dont have idea about how to do this.....?????

Please if anyone can help me on this or of any other solution.....

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Respected Sir,
Your post shows how to connect to access table,

my question is i already have the data in recordset.

now i have to populate the recordset data into msaccess table which is already created

hope my question is clear ...

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Dear Sir,

IS there any way that we can copy the whole recordset of vb in to clipboard ????
so i can paste/append it directly into msaccess table

I know SQL has the capability of doing what you want through some of its tools as does access via get external data and I would normally suggest using a SELECT INTO query but the last time I dealt with Oracle was with 8i, I think.

Side Note:
That post is for showing you how to access any data source with ADO. Whether it be Access, Oracle, SQL, MySQL, Progress, and so on even if it was through and ODBC DSN and to change that code you could go to .

As for copying the entire table to the clipboard and pasting it into access, you could probably do that manually but I doubt you could do that through VB easily.

So, it is possible to use the Access Application directly and its Get External Data (ODBC DSN).

It may be possible to use an Oracle tool to export the data to access.

Through VB you could go the hard route and use an RS to open and retrieve the recordset and then use a connection object tied to access to do the inserts with in a loop as you run through the RS.

But the best solution through VB but don't exactly have the tools to test, is the previously mentioned INSERT INTO.

Good Luck

well i will be still searching for a tool or a code by which i can solve the issue.
as for me i think there has to be a way or a code to do that, its just that i dont know how to, but someone might have done it...

thanks a lot for you help, appreciate.