Hey folks,

I've been reading:

Now, I havn't actually done anything in the article yet however a question springs to mind.

I have an app that has non-decoupled UI and business stuff (probably not the best). In time, I would like to make this app run on a "Software as a Service" model.

I woudn't mind having a "thin app" run on a client machine, which launches the real UI from a remote server via .NET remoting.

Now, what I am confused about is that in the above web link, you have to referance the "Remote Object" in the client app (in my case the "thin app"). To me, this means that I would have to includes the WHOLE server code in the "thin app" which defeats the purpose of the app being thin.

This gets very confusing for me.

How would I go about such a feat? Just generally speaking anyways. Would I have to deal with interfaces somewhere?

Thanks for your help and if something isn't clear, please ask as I understand that my question maybe very poorly written.



Both the client and server need to be aware of the class definition for the object you will be using. The client and server need to know how to serialize/deserialize the object. You could implement an interface or declare the definitions in a separate DLL and do the business logic in another library. Both ends need to know what they will be sending/receiving.