Hi I was asking around for ideas for programs and I was challenged to make a browser, but I have no idea how to do this, do any exist currently? and how could I do it please?

You can use the HTML capabilities of wxPython and simply design the GUI... look into the docs and demos for examples of HTML usage

cool thanks, now all I need to do is learn wxPython :D do you know any good tutorials?

I'd start with the sticky at the top of this forum about wxPython... There's some good examples there. Really you've just gotta play around with it. I learned wx by being forced into a project using it. It's not terribly hard to learn! You can do it.

cool thanks, I guess I had better pause learning html and C

html is easy, so you don't need to stop it to learn wxpython. Just a word of encouragement, wxpython is easy and learning it is funny. I happily learned it and I'm learning its father, wxwidgets. To start, I will point to www.zetcode.com/wxpython and once you have any problem, consult wx's API and in case of gettig the taste while learning, make sure you download wxdemo and run it

If those all doesn't help, try Daniweb or any other Py related forum.
To be good at wxpython and general programming, need crash and brush.

So, start.......:)

cool thanks, i meant to stop learning html to concentrate on wx