I am extremely new to python (programming in general too). I am the rooms director for a large hotel. The reason I am attempting to learn python is to create simple programs to help streamline some of the easy, but lengthy processes done by both my front office and housekeeping departments.

An example of the first one that I would like to work on is. :

- I want it to be a simple interactive program where I can input a few fields of data, and have it calculate the total amount, and print a laundry ticket for my housekeepers.

Any suggestions, help, advice, anything would be EXTREMELY appreciated. I really don't even know where to begin. Any help at all would be appreciated beyond belief.

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Well to start off with, it sounds pretty simple what you are doing, so just read this tutorial. It is a comprehensive way to start with python.
Once you finish that you will be able to do everything but printing, that is a rather advanced thing to do with python. I think vegaseat may have done a code snippet that did something like that...


Why don't you throw in some info about your project in plain english in the following manner?

1. Specify the information that you are going to feed into the software.
2. Specify the calculations that the software needs to to.
3. Specify the output that you desire. Since you said that the software had to print a laundry ticket, make an outline using any software that you like and show it to us.

Make sure that you do not miss out anything as it is going to be a waste of time posting and clarifying again and again.

Work offline. Open your favourite text editor (notepad maybe) and type. Then copy paste the information. This will give you a chance to think clearly and post a more or lest complete requirement analysis.

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