Hi All,

I am using the following code to write data into an excel sheet:

# Open the Output Spreadsheet
objExcel = win32com.client.Dispatch("Excel.Application")

# Creating object to write to Spreadsheet    
        self.xlApp =Dispatch("Excel.Application")
        # Creating Workbook
        self.Wkbk = self.xlApp.Workbooks.Add()

        # Get sheet count

        # Creating worksheets
        wsObjReport = self.Wkbk.Worksheets.Add()

        # Setting names to the sheets
        # Alignment Variables
        xlLeft, xlRight, xlCenter = -4131, -4152, -4108

        # Loop to remove extra sheets(created by default)
        for intiLoopIndex in range(1,intShtCnt+1):

        # Setting active sheet
        sheets = self.Wkbk.Sheets

I am able to change the default sheet name to "Report". I want to change the color of the excel sheet from WHITE to YELLOW. How can I do it?...
Any help is much appreciated.


Thanks a lot brother.. Its working fine.. I am now able to change the color of each row.
Thanks once again!...

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