Hi. I started looking into JavaMail today, and I got the basics down. But when I sent a message to my friends Gmail account, it said that the message my not be from me, and was sent to spam... does anyone know why?

Probably because Gmail detected a script was sending it?

But I'm not using a Script to send it, I'm using the program that I wrote....

when bestjew refers to a script, i believe he is referring to some "non-human" mechanism, so your program is in fact a script.

oh... never mind then >.< Is there any way to fix that though?

sillyboy is right, that is what I meant. But it was just a guess, I'm not positive that is what's going on. If the email account normally goes into the regular inbox, then it is probably a good guess though. And I have no idea about solutions, but that is territory that the mods here might not want answered anyway.

Why wouldn't the mods want the question to be answered? I'm just trying to write my own MS Outlook like program, and having the mail sent to spam defeats the purpose >.> lol

you need to make sure it is clear you are writing a mail client and not a "bot" which are mainly used for spam.

oh, ok. Yeah, I'm writing an email client. If you want, I can post the Netbeans project file as proof.

lol, you are not trying to convince me, you need to convince google/gmail. I don't know how gmail decided spam / non-spam, and as bestjew said, this may not even be the case.

e.g. if you send a email through outlook or something, does it show up in your friend's inbox as spam?

if it doesn't, you can probably say it is because of the automation, and then you need to investigate what rules gmail / hotmail / yahoo etc have in place to determine "spam".

until you know that, you won't know what is required technically to fix this.

So, would I have to email google/gmail then?