Alright, heres the deal. I learned how to program Basic on an Apple IIe computer, then I learned to migrate it into the newer computers as they came along. I haven't programmed for a while and Windows XP doesn't exactly have QBasic on it. That's what it was called the last time I used it. Now I hear people talking about Visual Basic. Already had someone give me an idea, but it sounds like Microsoft Access. I use that program a lot for data bases. So, is this new Visual Basic thing the same as QBasic? Can I still write my programs the same way and with the same language usage or is it like creating an interactive webpage? I'm getting tripped up on the basic fundamental on what it is suppossed to do.

I appreciate the info... Just trying to find a starting point. i learn really fast.


Well, if your an old school QB programmer, you are in for a big suprise. The latest version of Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2003, its fully object oriented and strong typed.

If you get a beginers book, you'll be flying in no time ;-).

its fully object oriented and strong typed.

What do you mean strong-typed ?

What do you mean strong-typed ?

That you have to declare the data types of variables before assigning them or using them.

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