I am trying to write a GUI front (with tcl/tk) for a python module. Unfortunately the module takes parameters and I don't know how to call a python module with parameters without going into interactive mode (I'm running Debian) I can get tcl to run a test module with no parameters:

exec python test.py

and all is well... but the actual module needs parameters, any ideas? Please keep in mind this eventually needs to be cross-platform (but if I can get it running on Linux I'd be happy for now)

And as a side note to any tcl/tk fans: the module will be generating a plot, any ideas on how to get the figure returned by the python module to be embedded in a tcl/tk window?

Thank you so much!

Running a script via python my_python.py cmd1 cmd2 cmd3 on the command line would produce the following argv structure:

import sys

print sys.argv

# Output:
# ['my_python.py', 'cmd1', 'cmd2', 'cmd3']


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