I have a datagridview that tracks when employees clock in and out. I used the datetime data type in sql but I dont want the year to display. How would i go about doing this? Do i have to modify my select statement, or can I do it with vb code?

Thanks in advance

Thats sort of what im looking for. I have this so far:

InOutTime is my variable in sql but im stuck at this part.

try using these example textbox1.text = (cell of the grid).tostring("hh:mm:ss") just give it a try

Here is sample:

Dim col1 As New DataGridViewTextBoxColumn
        col1.DefaultCellStyle.Format = "t" 'Time format
        col1.DataPropertyName = "ColumnName"

        DataGridView1.DataSource = dt  'Instance of DataTable
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adatapost's code worked. Thanks guys!