I've writing a application that is consists of a wxpython notebook and each page is a form to fill in, parcel query form, holiday form, product query form etc. Then there would be a button on each page to press that would create a simple text file that'd be stored in a global directory. I'd then build other simple gui's that'd grab the text files for processing.

The apps would be installed on a server and would be accessed through different thin clients in the department. What would happen when more than one person is using the same app at once? Would it crash, slow down, work ok,?

Does it need some type of special programming, socket, threading, etc?

Unfortunately I wouldn't be allowed to test it as it would get in the way of my 'real' job and I the guys in IT don't know as they don't do any programming/not interested.

I've googled around a lot but i'm not getting good results back as I'm not sure what I should be googling for!

Many Thanks

Check how django is run in servers. It is being used with python I don't know