Hi guys,

Has someone measured how many lines of code (approx) she/he produces daily? NLoc utility or OxyProject Metrics help in counting number of lines.


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hmmm, why should I do that, we take salaries based on number of tasks we do neither number of hours nor number of lines of code :D

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Could not have said it better.

I agree with danny and ramy -- but I wanted to track that at one time. There is a plugin for CVS/concurrent version control that generates reports based on number of lines changed or added. I use svn and the SVN developers think that feature is meaningless and bloats the software package so they do not include anything like this.


Other than that I do not know. Even with CVS you commit to the repository when a task has been completed, not when you are heading out the door so you can track progress.


Far away the subject, I fall in love with SVN ;)

I love svn too, it has made life so much easier! Do you use an plugins or other svn related utilities? I use websvn + trac for a front end ticketing system and Tortoise SVN as my windows client to commit code.


I too think counting how many lines you create/change in a program... I'm quite the novice programmer but I've completly recoded an entire app of nearly 6000 lines of code in about 6 hours... I guess it all depends on:
1. How fast you can type(Sort of, one may use the auto-complete feature in VS 2008 which one should!)
2. How well you know the programming language and how well you know how everything works...

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