I m a beginner. Using open source, I have compiled a freeware Eng-Hindi dictionary in C# with a 40K word data input source as a Text file. Is there someway to modify / hide the said Text file from front end user. Thanks.

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Implement Cipher (encryption/decryption) system.

I don't understand the question :| adatapost how could you :) I think they need to develop and editor to this file to add\modify\remove some words.

I guess it from this text "hide the said Text file".

Yeah I was thinking the same thing adatapost was.

buyap -- You can see an example of encrypting strings on http://www.daniweb.com/code/snippet1244.html. You can slightly alter that code to use streams


Thankyou, I m a beginner. My native translation work(55K+ words) for dictionary is aimed for native user translation convenience. But text data reuse by native developers may cause multiple ditto copies so original translator not distinguished. I have tried encrypted file but goes unreadable by program. By whatever suitable means, how to make text file unutilizable by distrubution content recipient. Thanks & Regards.

1. If you want to hide the file visually then modify the file's properties to 'hide' the file its self.

2. If you don't want the user to access that file and make use of the data stored within it then do what was previously mentioned, Encrypt the file and when the program needs to use/load the file you would then Decrypt the file and then feed that data to the program. And to take an extra precaution that will keep most(not all) users from seeing the file. Follow step #1

And please dont double post: http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread201557.html

i think you can embed that text file into your applications executable. so they can not see the content.

have a look at the attached for encrypting-decrypting your text file.

Thanx serkan, its a simple nice solution I embedded txt file as well which should have worked but .NET framwork exception says program cant find txt file on path ...\... \desktop\data.txt (path where application.exe was clicked to run). Can you suggest how can we make application.exe find txt file on path expected by program (to read it) which should be a simple & preferred solution OR any other solution than one you suggested. Thanks again.

Use Application.ExecutablePath property.

String path=System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName (Application.ExecutablePath) + "\\data.txt";

Thanx to all! I have tried both solutions but as mentioned, being a beginner, I couldnt make it work, implement within project. Anyone please can provide with a small demo working example of either "embedding the txt file & modifying application path in prg. code" or "implement encrypt-decrypt to make txt file human unreadable( application readable) within the project" in order to make txt file either hidden or unreadable by end user etc. After your reply this thread needs to be closed, whether solved or unsolved (before dan's admin delete it) Thanx again.

Try this

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