Hey C++ guru's...

I'm pretty new to the C++ world and would really appreciate some help... ...

I'm trying to build a general tree (a tree with one root and N children), I've written the code and compiled it quote/un-quote successfully... ...I say that because I am faced with a runtime error that basically stops my efforts dead in its tracks...

Attached to this is a screenshot of the runtime error...

/////// ********* GeneralTree.h *********///////
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
class GeneralTree{
                struct GenTreeNode{
                        int int_transactionID, int_totalNumChildren;
                        GenTreeNode *ptr_nextChild;
                //initialize root
                GenTreeNode *root;
                        int int_totalNumChildren = 0;
                void clear(){
                        //point to the node to be deleted
                        GenTreeNode *tmp;
                        //used to visit each node in the tree. 
                        //We start with the first actual node off of "root"
                        GenTreeNode *traverse = root->ptr_nextChild;
                        //while the tree is not empty
                        while(traverse != NULL){
                                //store the current node
                                tmp = traverse;
                                //visit the next node
                                traverse = traverse->ptr_nextChild;
                                //free the memory taken up by the current node
                                delete tmp;
                void addChildren(int *tranID, int cNo){
                        int int_totalNumChildren = cNo;
                        GenTreeNode *genTree = new GenTreeNode[int_totalNumChildren];
                        for(int i=0; i<int_totalNumChildren; i++){
                                genTree->int_transactionID = tranID[i];
                void PrintTree(GenTreeNode *tree) {
                        /* .: Print all the items in the tree to which root points...the item in the root is printed first, followed by its children :: as long as the root is not empty :. */
                        if (tree != NULL){
                                cout << tree->int_transactionID << " ::- " << tree->int_totalNumChildren << endl;
                                // Print children
                void deleteChild(GenTreeNode *ChildPtr){
/////// ********* Main.cpp *********///////
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include "GeneralTree.h"
using namespace std;
int main(){
        GeneralTree *gTree = new GeneralTree;
        int tID = 100; 
        int numOfChildren = 10;
        gTree->addChildren(&tID, numOfChildren);
        return 0;

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Very good stuff here!

Your going to have to provide us with the GeneralTreeNode class please.

------------ edit -----------------
oh its a structure didn't see.. one sec lemme look this over again.
------------ edit -----------------

The only thing i can think of is that you did not declare the integers in the GeneralTreeNode structure, and therefore they are some crazy value giving you an error. But i think if that was the case you would just have gotten a crazy output not an error.

I don't know. maybe someone else knows. Sorry :/

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One of your pointers is not initialized correctly. Take a look at the call stack in Visual Studio when the error occurs. This way you can identify the statement which causes the error.

I can see problem here.

for(int i=0; i<int_totalNumChildren; i++) {
          genTree->int_transactionID = tranID[i];

// in main
int tID = 100; 
gTree->addChildren(&tID, numOfChildren);


The problem is clear you have passed the address of local variable tID and you are treating it as an array.

what you actually trying to acheive by this?. describe the logic then we'll provide you the most appropriate solution for your case.

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