hi, just a quick question

can somebody please tell me how to restrict the output of the code below to 2 decimal places.

VolumeCalc.Caption := FloatToStr(StrToFloat(EngineSizeVal.Text) / 2 / StrToFloat(CylNumVal.Text));

thx for the help.

Use the Format command like this:

VolumeCalc.Caption := Format('%.2f',[StrToFloat(EngineSizeVal.Text) / 2 / StrToFloat(CylNumVal.Text)]);

Sub Xero

thx for the help works great!

i have just changed my Label to a EditBox.. and the above code doesnt seem to work at all, just wondering how to limit an edit box to 2 decimal places.

VolumeCalc.Text := FloatToStr(StrToFloat(EngineSizeVal.Text) / 2 / StrToFloat(CylNumVal.Text));

It should be exactly the same. Format returns a string, so there's no difference in applying the result to an Editbox or a label.
What exactly is the problem?

Sub Xero

dont matter, had a bit too much to drink last night :/

format is working fine, sorry about wasting your time asking again.

thx for the help

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