Good afternoon,

I have created a little java app in netbeans that I would like to use on a PC without netbeans.
Therefore I am looking into how to make an executable out of the project, I found something called "javalauncher" that is suppose to bundle the class of my project, but it didn't work.
Could somebody tell me what they are using to deploy their javabean projects please?


Why don't you use JAR fie?
If you create EXE you loosing portability, plus there are other down-sides.

I've tried but I get the follwoing error message:
Could not find hte main class: system.newJFrame. Program will exit.
I'm tried many different ways of creating that jar file, but I always receive this error.
I am using NEtbeans 6.5

Are you actually able to compile and run your application from NetBeans?