Hi All

I am writing a C# windows application and it needs to run in a standard user account, however, the application should allow a standard user to create further standard user accounts using Vista\Windows 7.

In order to create new accounts you need to be part of the administrator group and the application must be running with elevated privilages, therefore my original intention was to use Impersonation and restart the application with the elevated privilages.

The problem is I do not want the windows credentials dialog to request the username and password for an adminsitrator account (since my standard user must not know this) so is there are way of programmatically starting a process with a specific username and password, but with elevated privilages, such that ProcessStartInfo.UseShellExecute = true provides.

For information the username and password would be stored securely in a encrypted registry key, so will be hidden to the standard user.

Any help would be really appreciated, even a comment that this is impossible if it is!!!

Thanks in advance.