Our organization has hundreds of project numbers. I would like to create a program that will let me store the numbers along with keywords in a database, and then have the option for predictive searching. By predictive searching I mean something similar to how when you start typing something in Google, it predicts what you might be looking for... that's the best example I can think of.

So if I'm looking for project #555-5555 and the project is titled City of Cisco, I can start typing "City of" and the predictive search will start displaying my entries like "City of Cisco" "City of Laptop" "City of Diversity" etc.

Thanks for any help!

are you going to use it in windows application or web application?

if you are going to use it in web application you can use javascript or ajax control toolkit. if you are going to use it in windows application, the combobox has builtin functionality to do that. i think you are looking for autocomplete stuff arent you?