hi to all my fellow programmers,

i'm creating now an attendance system. how to create a count down timer that will minus in the system time? it is possible and how? i have a 3 textbox 1 is for the hour, minutes and seconds. and 3 label for the count down,

first to do is type what time will be time out, for example is this

the time is now


all i want is this if the user type 12:00:00 in the time out the count down should began in


until it came up to 00:00:00

how can i do this? please help ASAP. badly needed.

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With the use of the DateDiff function and either the time function or the now function, and you can look these up in vb's help. The timer control is in the toolbox of the standard exe project and placing one on your form, selecting it, and pressing F1 will allow you to read all about it.

Good Luck

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