anybody help me!!
i have one tombol that tombol will be used to evaluate
the explain!!
i have some question with answer choise(a,b or c) with that tombol i want know if my answer true or false!thanks can you show me with a simple database and last question from me if question and the answer is a picture its same with string!! thanks
show me with the code java use netbean thanks all

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1) We have strict rule about homeworks
2) Are you looking to do this assignment as SWING or web application?

PS: I guess you talking about quiz or exam instead of tombola (which stands for price winning)


1: sory about my question but i mean i want admin can understand my question,and until i post thread i have no idea for evaluate quiz
2:i use for swing project
PS answer:wrong guess this for my final exam, i never ask to this forum for like that,i sure!!once again i'm sory about my first question
new question
1:how to make array of object
2.can we save file to spesific direktory
3.can netbean show a dinamin JPanel,i it can't can JPanel show save to database for dinamic show
thanks for all,once again sory about my question and i never use this web for my self advantage,bravo daniweb thanks


>>1:how to make array of object
The same way as you will create array of integers or strings. For example you may have Question object like

class Question{

    private String question;
    private String optionA;
    private String optionB;
    private String optionC;
    private char answer;

    public Question(){}

    //Rest of the code

To create array of 10 elements you will write Question[] question = new Question[10]; but it would be better idea to use other of Collection subclasses such as ArrayList that can dynamically change their size (in case that in future you may want to provide 15 questions, or perhaps GUI will be used as general tool to examine students on various topics/modules with different number of questions)

>>2.can we save file to spesific direktory
YES. Either you will hard code final path in application or you will use services of JFileChooser with its showSaveDialog(Component parent) method
>>3.can netbean show a dinamin JPanel
It can be easily done, with little of planning, use of appropriate components like JLabel, JRadioButton/JCheckBox, JButton and perhaps JTextField (if you need user to type some info) and good layout

>>i it can't can JPanel show save to database for dinamic show
YES, you can save data in database. Collect it from form, use some object/bean to hold collect data, provide connect to database and store data

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