i have a datagrid .its name is dg and a button its name is btn.
I want print my datagrids information by clicking on the btn.
I need it urgent.

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I am so sorry for my term.I speak persian so I canot read and write eng. becuse of some time I write some thing witch means other things.I translate my before terms.In iran we never say like terms.
BTW sorry at all.


BTW is not good English. It is a short way of saying : by the way.
I hope the link I gave you is of any help.:)


I worked alittle by c# , vb, c++, and now am working python.
I confused witch one is better and more popular. by the way thank for the link.


Which one is better, I can not tell you. Each language has its merits and quirks. If you look here at DANIWEB which forum has the most visitors, then by no doubt C++ is the most popular.
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