Hi there. That's my first thread here. Maybe my english level is not good as yours coz i'm from Spain xD First of all, I have a constant string which has a thousand of chars, with no empty positions, only characters. And I have to find repetitions of 6-letter and 7-letter words. I've tried it all, but I can't find the way to do that. Anyone can help me please? Suppose that we have 2 initial vectors that contain the 6 or 7 letters.

Thank you in advance ;)

A simple way to do it would be

$text = ???;
$text_array = strtok($text,' '); // Splits up all text by spaces
foreach($text_array as $values) // loops through every word 1 by 1
    $length = strlen($values); // calculate length of every single string
    if($length == 6 || $length == 7)
        //TODO Add code handling for the words here

I hope it helps

commented: First: your code is in PHP; Second: your code is wrong on the use of strtok. -3

here is the function which serves your purpose
int string_pat_find(char *string1,char *patten);

it take 2 arguments:

1st the char string
2nd the string to be found within and retuns the count occruance.

Code attached below:


int string_pat_find(char *string1,char *patten);
int main()
	char string1[1000]="abcapplesarriveataplacethenifounditappleajajajajajajajajajaj";
	char *letter[]={"apple","arrive","aj"};
	int count;
	int no_of_words=3;
	int i;
		printf("Count for %s is %d\n",letter[i],count);
return 0;

int string_pat_find(char *string1,char *patten)
  char *temp;
  int count=0;
    if(temp==NULL)return count;
return count;
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Thank you for your answers, I'll check'em right now ^^,