:) Hello Everyone...IM RAZA..from Pakistan...new member here..

Well i hav a problemm....big problem now adays///
i have a project to make an operating system....can somebuddy help me??
i dont have any idea...guide me if u can..


http://www.razasnet.tk (under construction)

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any one have any idea about Linux Bash Prompt......which i read from above link...


bash is a shell under Linux. Linux is, of course, an operating system.

Basically, it's a good idea to design an operating system in Linux because you have all of the tools available for free to use. Bash would just be the command-prompt interface that they use for this example. It's the most common command interface in Linux.

Thanx...plz tell me...what Linus version i can use..bcoz i have to make an operating system for which first im trying to complete boot process..for this im working on a procedure described in http://www.linuxgazette.com/issue77/krishnakumar.html
here he used Linus Bash prompt..can u help me according to this procedure in which he is performing boot...

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