I've developed an Application for work that allows employee's to request vacation time off. I developed the application on a computer that had the .NET 3.5 Framework. I didn't realize until after I published the application that many of the computers do not have .Net 2.0. I fixed that problem by lowering the prerequisites to .NET 2.0, but now there is an error that says "System.Core v3.5 is not installed on the GAC". Can someone tell me how to fix the program so it is compatible on computers that don't have System.Core?

P.S. The user's of this program cannot download .NET 3.5 because they do not have admin rights.

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if your targeted framework is 2.0, and if your application is small, download the 2005 express edition and copy paste all your code and compile there, so you will see if there is any type that is not compatible with 2.0. then publish your software again.
this might sound like a stupid idea but this way your program will be 100 percent compatible.


Thanks for your help I just changed the target Framework to 2.0 in VS2008 and it worked fine :)

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