Hi everyone I am writing this program that takes a string and search it for words. Those words are taken and they get "<" at the beginning and ">" at the end of the word. then it prints the string with the words and the "<, >" characters.

Here is my code:

def test():
	import re
	a = "<"
	b = ">"
	c = "Hello this is a test"
	d = re.findall(r"\bthis\b|\ba\b", c)
	e = re.split(r"\bthis\b|\ba\b", c)
	for item in d:
		y = item
		f = a+y+b
	output = f.join(re.split(r"\bthis\b|\ba\b", c))
	print output

When I run this code I get this answer:

Hello <a> is <a> test

However the answer I want is this:

Hello <this> is <a> test

Can anyone please tell me how to solve this problem? thanks in advance.

re.split breaks the string in the specified pattern, removing the parts which caused the split. There is a much simpler solution to this problem though. Just iterate the string by splitting it at each space and compare each word to a list of words you're watching for. You don't need regular expressions for this problem:

def myFunc(s):
    # break the string into a list (at each space)
    words = s.split(' ')
    # put the words we are watching for into a list
    watched = ['this', 'a']

    # loop our words and check each one
    # and add the result to our result list
    result = []
    for w in words:
        # if the word is in the watched list
        # add the carets to each side
        if w in watched:
            w = '<' + w + '>'
        # add the word to the result list

    # join our result into a string with spaces in between
    result = ' '.join(result)
    return result

My result:

>>> s = 'Hello this is a test'
>>> myFunc(s)
'Hello <this> is <a> test'

A much simpler and cleaner solution, I think :P

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