I am planning on making a biometrics attendance system. I have the hardware and planning on creating a software. My question is Whis VB to use. VB.Net or VB 6.0? Or other language to suggest?

I am a Intermediate user when it comes to VB 6.0 and C++.
Thanks in advance

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Use any one VB.NET or Vb 6.0 or C++ is also a good option if you are comfortable with it. :)


C# combines good performance of C++, compact syntax of C and practically oriented approach of old VB. But be warned C# is still .NET language so forgot C style "when I say, what I say, exactly - no smart decisions behind". Nevertheless C# is language of choice - go to the first bookstore and count how many books has printed something like "all examples in this book are in C#, VB translations are available on CD" :-))))


Thanks for the replies. But in which language I can do this more easily? Or I can say What language is most proper to use in this kind of software? I don't mind learning new language.
Thanks again.


The answer to all of your questions is C#. You will find more online resources available and the syntax resembles java if you have any experience with it. I would say VB.NET over VB6 just because if you're learning a new language you might as well be learning the newest as it will make you more marketable in the work force.


Thanks sknake for the reply. Is C# really that good? Correct me if I'm wrong but C# is a successor of C right. Isn't it to old for use? I know that new doesn't mean better but it's been too long.

I'm sorry if this is not the place to ask this but:
Let me change my question. If you must learn a language what it is and why? 1 or a couple doesn't matter

Thanks again


The only thing C and C# have in common is the letter "C" in the language name. C is close to C++, and C# is close to java.


And C++, C#, and Java languages uses Object-Oriented paradigm program design.

So those 3 are a good combination?
I think I'll go with that

But for this project I think I'll go with VB.net


I am planning on making a biometrics attendance system. I have the hardware and planning on creating a software.

Basically you're readind serial data from COM-port and that is equally easy (or difficult) task with VB.NET, VB6 and C++ (or C#).

Most of your application will deal with other things. Like UI, data storage and data manipulation. You should consider, which is the most suitable language for that.

Another thing to consider is the resources you have. Do you have time (and money) to learn a new programming language?

And the last things to consider. How long life-cycle your application will have? Who will maintain the code during that time? Will your application be compatible, or easily ported, to future versions of Windows OS if needed?

Right now you could use any programming language mentioned above. Each of them is a good choice at the moment. I did some LIMS stuff with good old VB6 for my customer some six months ago. But in a long-term, the support for .NET languages (VB.NET or C#) will be guaranteed. This is my personal opinion :)


Thanks for sharing. Will keep it in mind as I go.

Thank you all

I'll create some test software on VB.net before I'll create my attendance system.

Hope you'll help me again when I post problems I encountered during the test software.

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