Hello friends,
I am trying to make a program in which there would be a text file which would contain a certain piece of information.Now the user would ask questions and the program would answer the question using the information given in the text file.
This is basically related to NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING. I have used simple word matching approach in which i rate each sentence based on following principle
->If a sentence contains any word which occurs in the question its score is incremented by a particular value.

At the end i print all the sentences with the maximum score.

This approach is not yielding logical results in most of the cases.
Please suggest some ways that can make answers more appropriate or some other algorithms for such a program.

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Are you looking for an AI (Articial Intelligence) approach?

@ danbe
yes , my project is basically related to artificial intelligence.

This is more of a theory question than a C# question .. I would post this in another forum. I personally don't deal with AI but maybe that will help you in searching for answers

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