Hi guyZz..

I have a POS project..... how can I stop/pause the spooling of the receipt in the printer??? b'coZz it's too many space in the paper...

I need this... urgent.........

Any reply/some source are really appreciated... thanks

HI.. i have same problem.

I wanted to create/layout a design in crytal report that will print my data in a thermal printer. Each transaction number have multiple items but other have only 3 items or less. my problem is each time i print the report. it generate a letter paper size. and take so much space on it.

i have also customize a paper but it has only a fix no of item.

im using epson TM-u220. and also installed the complete driver of it.
for printing I use the generic txt.

hope u understand it guys..

thx in advance

You may need to use the SetPrinter API if you cannot set a custom paper size through the printer object.

And if you use crystal reports then you will have to also specify a specific paper size there also or you will get multiple "pages" of blanks.

Good Luck