I've been wanting to use ADO in a c++ project i'm working on. I was having some errors on it, and have since reverted to ODBC but i'm finding it rigid, and frenquently frustrating to work with.

I'm going back and giving ADO a shot again, but simple pasting the following line in and hitting compile spams me with 102 errors. #import <C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\System\\ado\\msado15.dll> rename( "EOF", "AdoNSEOF" ) I appologize for not having the error messages with me to post here, I've been doing research on it from work and decided to finally post. I will post some of the errors when I get home in 3 or 4 hours.

Without remembering what the errors were off the top of my head I guess my question is a matter of setup. I actually freshly installed windows xp a couple days ago, and then freshly installed visual studio 2008, and thats it. Opened my project up and paste that line in, and get tons of errors. My question is, is there something else I should be installing or setting up in the project to even import that library? Do I need to add the dll in the project properties somewhere or anything?

I ran the errors through google and have spamed around the internet looking for setup steps to use that DLL and haven't found anything promising.

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On my Vista computer that dll is in c:\windows directory. You might check your computer to see if its already installed. Also read this article.

Did you just admit to using vista? JK, I'll check that when I get home, I hope that that's the problem.

Did you just admit to using vista? JK,

Nope :) Everyone already knows it.

Ok... the test code I wrote up at work today for ODBC worked right out of the box so I'm not gonna bother messing with ADO, i hear its a tad slower anyway and speed is my primary focus.

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