I have a little problem with using a .dll in my visual studio 2008 project.

The dll is created by bjam.
The guide i followed was:

There is also a vs 2008 guide but i do not know enough about visual studio to follow it.

Well i created the dll by running

bjam boost=source link=shared

Which created a dll for me. Without the link=shared It will create a .lib instead of a dll. And i do not think that is what i want. But i do not know.

Have anyone tried to follow these guides and got a successful dll out of it?

Thank you.

Anyone can help with this?

Now i got the including working.
The only thing i need is to find out how to use the dll. Starting stopping etc.

If anyone have experience with libtorrent then please reply

I am developing an API with libtorrent too in visual studio 2008. but right now I cannot compile and make libtorrent work well in my machine yet. Can you post guides about how to compile and install libtorrent in your PC with visual studio 2008 as developement tool. Any help would be appreciate thanks.

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