i searched a lot in JAVA documentation, but couldn't find a buffer API
1) can grow dynamically.
2) the existing content must shift right if i insert a new element in the existing content index

A buffer for what?

There are a few classes actually called buffer in the API. You did read the API docs, right?

If worse come to worse, write your own.

I thank all the contributors of this forum. You guyz helped me to crack a logic for sequential* unscramble app.
i was cracking my head to build this app within 2days...got it *working now......:)
features of my app:
can match and show words in the dictionary that match ,all the possible combination of the letters u inputed.
but it is working quit fast for words with letters 1-6
above that it is giving result but takes a lot of time. i know its a primitive way of designing a unscrambler. now i am work on improving its performance using data structures.
it is my first step in developing a app after learning core java..... N
Thanks guyz once again.............