I meant something like this:

I changed the car_list file to make each Car instance's image attribute as a string of the image filename. Like so:

# ...
title = "Golf Mk1 (A1/Typ 17, 1974-1984)"
info = """\
In May, 1974 Volkswagen presented the first-generation
Golf as a modern front wheel drive long-range replacement
of the Beetle.
image = 'Golf_Mk1.jpg'  # just the image filename
# create the class instance and append to the list
car_list.append(Car(title, info, image))
# ...

This means that you can remove all the imports for tk and PIL at the top of your car_list script, and also delete the root = tk.Tk() part.

Then, in the main file, I changed the show function so that it creates a Tk image of the filename upon showing it. Like this:

def show(car_num):
    global car_list
    global screen
    global info    
    # delete any previous picture, title and info
    screen.delete(0.0, 'end')
    info.delete(0.0, 'end')
    # create picture heading
    s = car_list[car_num].title + '\n\n'
    screen.insert('1.0', s)

    # insert picture
    img = ImageTk.PhotoImage(file=car_list[car_num].image)  # make image upon showing
    screen.image_create('2.0', image=img)  # changed to use the newly created image

    # insert information about the picture
    info.insert('1.0', car_list[car_num].info)
# ...

I'm also re-attaching this modified version so that you can see the changes better.


This thread makes my head hurt. Do you need to store all the info about the cars in a python module? What about a csv? Also, if you're going to call a class in a module, that class has to be part of the module if you're not doing it like this:

import module
x = module.theclass(args)

Also am I crazy, because I thought that python was not super keen on global variables. Most people will try to avoid these. Then you could have something like this: car_list = get_car_list() Your function pulls from a file with all the info in it. More compatible and always available.

That's how I would do it.


That was my initial thought (and moving in that direction), however, im still not sure how to implement it practically.


Hi there, im trying your ideas at the moment but i get no pics, everything else works fine.
My idea was similar but i did not convert to a string.

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