I know there is a way for the user to enter input and be able to accept it without the user having to press the Enter key but I do not know the command. Does anyone here know? For example, I have a menu like this:

A Add a record
D Delete a record
L Change last name

I want the user to type an 'A' and not have to hit the Enter key. The program just accepts the 'A' automatically. Thanks for any help. :p

That's not a portable operation, so we can't offer suggestions without at least knowing your operating system. Also knowing your compiler wouldn't hurt either.

I am running Windows XP. I also have a Borland compiler. Thanks. I did not know it was not a portable command.

// assuming u know that the key code of appropriate key...
// write these statments after the menu in your program
// KEYA, KEYB are the keycodes for key A, key B ...
// u can generate key code using getch();
     case KEYA : // action when key A pressed...
     case KEYB : // action when key B pressed...
     default : //do nothing..

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You may use getch() or getche() function to archive this.
char ch;
case 'A':
function1(); // call funtion here

case 'B':
function2(); // call funtion here

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