Hi guys,
I'm new to this forum and this is my first post :cheesy:
I need help in modifying a "Snake game" program..
What I need to do is modify the program so that when it starts (i.e. the AVR microcontroller is reset) it displays a message giving the name of the game and your name(s). This should be displayed for several seconds before the game commences.
I know that I have to add it to the function splash_screen()
so I typed this in it:

void splash_screen(void) {

    /* MY CODE HERE */
    printf("Snake Game\n");

BUT it doesn't display what i want :confused:
I attached the whole program file if in need to look at the whole thing.

Simplicity ;)

Hurray! :D I figured out how to solve it and solved a couple of other modifications I have to do.. Now, I'm stuck with a different thing and that is make the game speed up as the score gets higher.

This is what I've done but I don't think it's right :rolleyes:

if (get_score == '30'){
   move_snake() + 2; 

Can anyone please help me?! You can look at the rest of the code for more info. in the attachment of the previous post

Thanx guys :)

Anyone could please help me in this.. I'm still stuck with it :sad:
I changed it to this:
if (get_score == 30){
sleep(time_period + 3);
But still ain't workin' :!:

Try to use this....

if( get_score >= value)
speed = value;

just try... thats what i did to my snake game. =)

commented: Wow, it's good that you showed up just before the 4 YEAR deadline :rolleyes: -4
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