Hi all,

I can easily add this using clause with no errors to my program.
Using System.Numeric;

I have VS 2008 C#.
But I'm not seem to be able to use it.
The Object Browser gives no clue either.
Any suggestion is very welcome.

there is a searchbox in object browser panel, i typed there system.numeric and hit search, and i was able to find the classes and delegates in it.

When I do that no results are found.

I don't either. Danny: are you running express or full? I'm running the full version.

i run the express version, i dont have full.

Yeah I saw that in the title in your screen shot.. thats what made me curious. Perhaps the express edition has features the full one doesn't :(

I can run express and full.
In object browser of express I see nothing, in full I can see what's inside : a bunch of generic delegate types and some TimeZoneInfo types. I had hoped Numeric would be more "mathematically" inclined:'( It was just by accident I saw it was there and I was curious...
You guys helped me out very well thanks!

Actually System.Numeric contains a member, BigInteger a Value type. I tried IL DASM and found it different from the object browser. Unfortunately it is not accessible now. It contains really cool stuff and you cannot access it:P.See here for details if you have not already seen.

commented: Thanks for this information! +7